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Visualizing population density: New York City

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This is the third in a series of posts trying to figure out what various levels of population density look like at street level. Previous posts focused on the Bay Area and Boston (check the former for a mission statement and methodology).

7 people per acre (Munsey Park)

7, Munsey Park

8 (New Rochelle)

8, New Rochelle

11 (Woodmere)

11, Woodmere

20 (Port Washington)

20, Port Washington

23 (Jamaica, Queens)

23, Jamaica, Queens

25 (Long Beach)

25, Long Beach

27 (Jamaica, Queens)

27, Jamaica, Queens

32 (Long Beach)

32, Long Beach

36 (Glen Oaks, Queens)

36, Glen Oaks, Queens

44 (Gravesend, Brooklyn)

44, Gravesend, Brooklyn

56 (Jamaica, Queens)

56, Jamaica, Queens

59 (Maspeth, Queens)

59, Maspeth, Queens

73 (Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn)

73, Stuyvesant Heights, Brooklyn

80 (Harlem, Manhattan)

80, Harlem, Manhattan

94 (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn)

94, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

110 (Crown Heights, Brooklyn)

110, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

113 (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

113, Park Slope, Brooklyn

140 (East Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

140, East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

183 (Sunset Park, Brooklyn)

183, Sunset Park, Brooklyn


Not sure what’s going on here — this is a surprisingly high density for townhouses. This is a mostly Asian neighborhood, and so there may be more people per household than in other areas.

184 (West Village, Manhattan)

184, West Village, Manhattan

190 (Chelsea, Manhattan)

190, Chelsea, Manhattan

199 (Harlem, Manhattan)

199, Harlem, Manhattan

200 (Lower East Side, Manhattan)

200, Lower East Side, Manhattan

207 (East Village, Manhattan)

207, Alphabet City, Manhattan

212 (Upper West Side, Manhattan)

212, Upper West Side, Manhattan

320 (Upper East Side, Manhattan)

320, Upper East Side


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